Mother of the Year cover
Customize your project.
Mother of the Year cover


Step 1
With one click on the camera icon you can upload an image.
If necessary, you can rotate it. Stretching from the corners, modify their size.

The photo will be seen with transparency so that you can accommodate it in the window. Once located, click on the design outside the photo to deselect it and make it crop well.
If you want to change the photo, you can delete it and choose another.

Step 2
Click on the texts to edit them. You can drag them to another location.
To resize it, stretch from the corners of the text field.
With the upper handle, you can rotate it.
With a second click modify the content and change if you want the font, size, alignment or color. (You can choose a color from the palette or take a color from the design with the dropper.)
Click on the trash can if you want to delete the field.

To add more text fields, click the + T icon at the top of the screen.

When you are satisfied, click on FINISH CUSTOMIZATION to print, share or download your design.
(Remember that if you leave or reload this page, the changes made will be lost.)
Have fun creating!